People Listen

Here are more reasons why people listen to WIGO -Atlanta’s Incredible Radio:

Party Blues and Oldies
Party Blues and Oldies Mon-Fri 12pm-2pm

WIGO AM 1570 also offers local and national programs during the week and the weekend. We always keep in mind our local Pastors, Churches, and Ministries.

SGN The Light scores multiple nominations for the Stellar Awards 2010
SGN The Light scores multiple wins at the Stellar Awards

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8 thoughts on “People Listen

  1. Dear Kevin,

    The name of my Finest Kind POWERHOUSE AWESOME Talk Radio Show is
    You ‘Bout Ready hosted by me, Marty Ford, parent, businessman, veteran, educator, athlete, author, life coach, community organizer and radio host on

    Visit to Download, FOR FREE, and
    LISTEN-LEARN-LAUGH about Leadership, Ethics, Empowerment, Veterans, Critical Thinking, Healthcare, Education, Communications, Boredom (the enemy of us all), Role-Modeling, Race, Obesity, Kids & Play, Humor, Awareness, Anger, Sports, Bullying, Recovery, Motivation, Inspiration, Fun and much more all presented with passion, insight, intelligence and my own brand of silliness.

    I ask that you listen to a portion of several shows so you will have a good idea of what I do, and passionately long to do, on a larger scale and to a greater audience.

    Ideally, I would like to do my radio show during the late night / overnight hours when folks are playing computer solitaire, shopping on-line and waiting 3-4 hours to go to work.

    To learn more about me please read my LinkedIn profile.

    You don’t have to wait or look for the next big name in radio. It is here. It is ME!!!

    Remember, it is FREE to download and listen to my radio show!!!


    I appreciate and thank you for your consideration.

    POWER UP!!!
    Marty Ford

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