Local Programming


6:00am-SGN (The Lexi Morning Show) (Mon-Fri 60 min)
7:00am-Brother Lester Roloff (Mon-Fri 30 min) www.roloff.org
7:30am-Available (Mon-Fri 30 min)
8:00am-The Urban Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans (Mon-Fri. 30 min) www.tonyevans.org
8:30am-Daily Hope with Rick Warren (Mon-Fri 30 min)www.rickwarren.org
9:00am-Available (Monday only 15 min)
9:00am-Heaven’s Harvest with Elder Thomas Pulliam Sr. (Tues & Thurs 30 min) www.hhmj3c.com
9:00am-Breakfast Talk with Diane Jackson (every 1st & 3rd Wed. 15 min)
9:00am-H.A.R.N. Ministries with Pastor Renay Riggs (every 2nd & 4th Wed. 15 min)
9:00amAvailable (Friday only 30 min)
9:15am-LaFrench Murphy (Monday only 15 min)
9:30am-Available (Monday only 15 min)
9:30am-Available (Tues only 30 min)
9:30am-Clarion Call with Jonathan Simmons (30 min Wed only) www.considerthewordministries.org
9:30am-Motivational Moments with April Sentmanat (Thursday 30 min)
9:30am-That Certain Sound with Pastor Samuel Mosteller ( Fri. only 30 min)
9:45am-Israel Temple CME with Pastor Roderick Freeman (Monday only 15 min) www.facebook.com/pages/Israel-Temple-Christian-Methodist-Episcopal-Church/159442094149561
10:00am-SGN (The Gospel Express with Morgan Dukes (2hrs Mon-Fri.)
12:00pm-Party Blues & Oldies with Tyrone Davis (Mon, Tues, Thurs. & Fri. 2 hrs) www.wordupradio.com
1:00pm-Southern Soul Breakout (2hrs. every Wednesday)
2:00pm-Total Restoration with Krystal Lee (30 min) www.klepub.com
2:30pm-Available (Thursday only 30 minutes)
2:00pm-Available (Monday, Tues. 60 min)
2:00pm-The Fuller View with Heidi B. Fuller (Friday 60 min) www.heidibfuller.com
3:00pm-Afternoon Drive Time Traffic Jam with Kevin Buchannon (Mon-Fri.3 hrs.)
6:00pm-MBodyment Underground Radio (Monday 60 min) www.mbodymentradio.com
6:00pm-MBodyment Underground Radio (Tuesdays 2 hrs.) www.mbodymentradio.com
6:00pm-The Peace Within Radio Show with Henry Washington (Wed. only 60 min)
6:00pm-MBodyment Underground Radio (Fri 60 min) www.mybodymentradio.com
7:00pm-Let’s Learn Love with Cassandra Parks (Mon. 30 min) Starts May 8th
7:30pm-Available (Monday 30 min)
7:00pm-South Side Radio Show with Vinny Green, Hawky Mann & DJ Black (Wed. 2hrs.)
7:00pm-Health Talk with Dr. Diane MD (Thurs. only 60 min) www.drdianethompson.com
7:00pm-Available  (Fri. only (30 min)
7:30pm-Trick Culture with Sue Felton (Fri. only 30 min)
8:00pm-Real Talk Sports with Jonathan Simmons (Tuesday 60 min) www.realtalksports.net
8:00pm-Yo What’s Good with Tay (Thurs. only 60 min)
8:30pm-Gametime Sports Talk Radio (Friday 60 min.)
10:00pm-Sheridan Gospel Network



6:00am-Sheridan Gospel Network (60 min)
7:00am-Mitch Faulkner’s Ride Out Nation Radio Show (2 hrs) www.rideoutnation.com
9:00am-Broken Silence w/ Mz Dee (Sat. only 60 min)
10:00am-Gas Station Radio with Dominic Cleveland (60 min)
11:00am-Available (30 minutes)
11:30am-Narrow Way Broadcast with Evangelist Knox Johnson (15 min)
11:45am-Available (15 min)
12:00pm-Come Expecting A Miracle with Bishop Dr. Larry Bryant (every 1st, 3rd & 4th (30 min)
12:30pm-Pamela Boyd Ministries (30 min) Every 1st Sat. www.pamboyd.org
12:30pm-Available 30 min (Every 2nd Sat.)
12:30pm-Ask Dr. RJ  (every 3rd Sat. 30 min) www.standardofcarepsychological.com
12:30pm-Available (30 min. every 4th Saturday)
1:00pm-Golden Apples with Tanesha Bibbs (60 min)
2:00pm-Caribbean Affairs Connection with Lady D (60 min) www.cacradioandtv.com
3:00pm-Blues In The Afternoon with Dr. Love (2 hrs.) www.dr-love.com
5:00pm-Voices Of Dissent with Dougie The Abolitionist (2 hrs.) www.voicesofdissent.org
7:00pm-2222 Groove Town Ave. with Al B. Love! (2 hrs.)
10:00pm-Sheridan Gospel Network



6:00am-SGN (The Good Sunday Morning Show with Jackie Campbell (2hrs)
8:00am-Saun Edward In Your Ear (90 min) www.80cities1.com
9:30am-Transforming Lives with Caroline Murphy (30 min)
10:00am-Available (60 min)
11:00am-The Bernice King Show (60 min) www.thebernicekingshowlive.com
12:00pm-Soulful Sunday’s, A Place Called Soulsville with Tigner Rand  (60 min)
1:00pm-M&M Live Radio with Meesa & Meah (60 min)
2:00pm-Answer In Focus/Pastor Darryl Miller & First Lady Vivian Miller (30 min)
2:30pm-Secrets of Relationships with Gloria Tate-Reed (30 min) Starts May 14th
3:00pm-Available (60 min)
4:00pm-Darryl Peek (60 min)
5:15pm-Highway To Heaven with Kevin Buchannon (60 min)
6:00pm-The Kay Thompson Show (60 min) www.kaythompson.org
7:00pm-Available (60 min)
8:00pm-Sheridan Gospel Network



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3 thoughts on “Local Programming

  1. Hello! Love WIGO…In The Mix!

    This special message is for Mr. Darryl Peek. Hi Mr. Darryl Peek. It’s Raquel Perkins! It’s been quite a while and we need to catch up. After my Third Soiree, I lived abroad, now in USA. Please call, text, and/or email me when you gave a moment.  

    Cograta on your radio show!

    I look forward to speaking with you soon! 




    Thanks and have a great day!

    Dr. Raquel C. Perkins, Pharm.D, R.Ph.

    +1 678.467.0078 mobile (USA)

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