Local Programming


6:00am-Rejoice Musical Soulfood (Mon-Fri 60 min)
7:00am Available (Mon-Fri 30 min)
7:30am-Available (Mon-Fri 30 min)
8:00am-Available (Mon-Fri. 30 min)
8:30am-Available (Mon-Fri 30 min)
9:00am-Available (Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri – 30 min)
9:00am-Minister Lucille Searcy (Wed only 30 min)
9:15am-We Offer Christ with/Morning Praise (Every 4th Thursday 30 min)
9:30am-Available (Monday only 15 min)
9:30am-Don’s Tree Service (Tues only 30 min)
9:30am-Clarion Call with Jonathan Simmons (30 min Wed only) www.considerthewordministries.org
9:45am- Available (Monday only 15 min)
10:00am-Rejoice Musical Soul Food (The Tracy Morgan Show) (2hrs Mon-Fri.)
11:30am-America For Christ Min. Int’l/Apostle Benard Zougouri (15 min.Tues.)
11:00am-The Conversation with Maria Byrd (60 min Friday only) www.mariabyrd.org
12:00pm-Party Blues & Oldies with Chante Chante (Mon, Tues, Thurs. & Fri. 2 hrs) www.wordupradio.com
1:00pm-Southern Soul Breakout (2hrs. every Wednesday)
2:00pm-Available (Monday, Tuesday,Thursday 60 min)
2:00pm-Mr. Terry Hair and Wellness Show  (Fridays, 60 min)
3:00pm-Afternoon Drive Programming (Mon-Fri.3 hrs.)
6:00pm-Available (Tues only 60 min)
6:00pm-Available (Wed. only 60 min)
6:00pm-Available (Friday only 60 min)
7:00pm-Available (Monday only (60 min)
7:00pm-Game Time Sports Talk Radio (Tuesday 60 min)
7:00pm-Red Carpet Radio with Robbie Ray (Wed. only 60 min.)
7:00pm-Thursday Night Live (Thurs. only 2.5 hrs)
7:00pm-True Fam Radio Show  (Fri. only 2 hrs)
8:00pm-Real Talk Sports (Tues. only 60 min)
8:00pm-Available (Mon. 60 min.)
9:00pm-American Blues Network (60 min.)
10:00pm-Rejoice Musical Soul Food


6:00am-Rejoice Musical Soul Food (60 min)
7:00am-Ride Out Nation Radio Show (60 min.) www.rideoutnation.com 
10:00am-Available (30 min)
11:00am-Tea With Elle P 1st & 4th Saturday (60 minutes) https://www.teawithellep.com
11:30am-1st & 4th Saturday Available  (30 min)
12:00pm-Available(every 1st, 3rd & 4th (30 min)
12:00pm-Available-(every 2nd & 4th  Saturday 60 min)
12:30pm-Available (30 min) Every 1st Sat.
1:00pm-(Available (60 min)
2:00pm-Caribbean Affairs Connection with Lady D (60 min) www.cacradioandtv.com
3:00pm-Available (30 min) ziondominionevents.com
3:30pm-Blues In The Afternoon with Dr. Love (2 hrs.) www.dr-love.com
5:00pm-Voices Of Dissent with Dougie The Abolitionist (2 hrs.) www.voicesofdissent.org
7:00pm-Available (2 hrs.)
9:00pm-American Blues Network (60 min)
10:00pm-Rejoice Musical Soul Food


6:00am-Rejoice Musical Soul Food (2hrs )
8:00am-Available (30 min)
8:30am-Available (30 min)
9:00am-Available (30 min)
9:30am-1st True Faith & Deliverance Church/Pastor Curtis and Rosa Carter (30 min)
10:00am-Echoes Of Zion (30 min)
11:00am-Available (60 min)
12:00pm-Soulful Sunday’s, A Place Called Soulsville with Tigner Rand  (60 min)
1:00pm – Available (60 min)
2:00pm-Available (60 min)
2:30pm-Available  (15 min)
2:45pm-Available (15 min)
3:00pm-Available (60 min)
4:00pm-Darryl Peek (60 min)
5:15pm-Highway To Heaven with Kevin Buchannon (60 min)
6:00pm-Available (30 min)
6:30pm-Available (30 min)
7:00pm-Available (60 min)
8:00pm-Rejoice Musical Soul Food

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6 thoughts on “Local Programming

  1. Hello! Love WIGO…In The Mix!

    This special message is for Mr. Darryl Peek. Hi Mr. Darryl Peek. It’s Raquel Perkins! It’s been quite a while and we need to catch up. After my Third Soiree, I lived abroad, now in USA. Please call, text, and/or email me when you gave a moment.  

    Cograta on your radio show!

    I look forward to speaking with you soon! 




    Thanks and have a great day!

    Dr. Raquel C. Perkins, Pharm.D, R.Ph.

    +1 678.467.0078 mobile (USA)

  2. Hello! WIGO we really love the “New Show Living the Married Life that airs every Sunday @ 2pm to 3pm and we have been telling all our family and friends to tune into the show as well but there is no advertising about the show on your home page can we please see some of their talk show ads for more listeners, thank you
    Connie C.

  3. I, Wanda Pennyman attended a session with Rev. Dr. Louis L. Ferguson from Greater Friendship in Decatur October 15th and enjoyed the hospitality. The flow and connection was exemplary. I enjoyed the tour and meeting everyone. It was an honor to witness such an amazing setup. It was far beyond my expectations and I thank you from my heart.

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