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Recent Article in the Clayton News Daily: Think you can host your own talk show? Bring it on. You’ll have to buy the time and work with WIGO management to do it, of course, but you’re more than welcome to give it a shot. WIGO — also known as “Atlanta’s Incredible Radio”, WIGO AM 1570 — wasn’t always quite like this. With an FCC license for Morrow since the late 1950s, the station chugged along as a more conventional country-music station for most of its existence. Over the last decade, it’s tried various formats, including Spanish and then gospel. It settled on its current format — a variety of gospel music, church programming, Blues & Classic R&B and informative talk — 4 years ago. “We’ve been fine-tuning it since then”, Young says. The call letters WIGO are “classic call letters from Atlanta’s past,” according to General Manager Larry Young. At one time, WIGO was one of the the pre-eminent black stations in Atlanta. When those call letters became available a few years ago, the station management snapped them up. While this isn’t exactly your father’s WIGO — the original WIGO was at 1340 kHz and run by someone else — the call letters fit the station’s current listener profile. Young says the station targets African-American females, ages 25-54, with about 60 percent of the listeners being female. Have an idea for a radio program? Give us a call. 404-361-1570

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WIGO AM 1570 2017 Stellar Award Winning Staff!

Jay Francis Springs-Sales & Marketing Mgr

Jonathan Simmons-Sports Director/Website Coordinator/Sales & Marketing

Tigner Rand-Sales

Marvin Lundie-Sales

Mardy Ringer-Producer-Sales

Erica Holloway-Producer-Sales

WIGO AM 1570
2424 Old Rex Morrow Rd.
Ellenwood, GA 30294
404-361-1570 (phone)
404-366-9772 (fax)


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  1. Hello,
    I don’t know how to start… BUT I have been told over the years by several people that I have a gift and that that gift need to be shared with others. Well recently I was approached by a spiritual leader. As he approached me out of the blue he told me that he wants me to contact a Radio station in Atlanta because as he looked at me he said “You need to be on Radio and Television!” You ever hear a word from God that scares you right back into the belly of Jonahs Whale, LOL. Well this was one of those times BUT It is also time to get rid of those old fears! I have had people push me and the gifts God gave me back so far that I ran looking for that Juniper Tree just to find comfort in? Well… the whale has died and the tree has dried up. It’s time for me to share what God has done for me and what he can do for you! I don’t know HOW BUT I do know WHY! I would like to share How we can Rise from our ASHES and still have Power to get thru life! I want to talk about the good that’s in all of us and I need your help or assistance. I’m seeking to find out if I can be a part of your radio or television program. I have enclosed my information below and would like to know if someone can contact me about this venture.

  2. My wife and I have simply fell in love with your show “Living the Married Life” it truly excemptifies the facts of living married ! We adore the First Lady and Minister Lundie you are definitely a strong man of god and your relationship knowledge is superior to none! We thank you both every Sunday! The Tates

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